We Focus on the WHOLE Child.

La Salle Middle School provides an education that addresses the needs of low-income, African American students to help them overcome barriers and succeed. Our academic focus is coupled with a trauma informed approach to behavior management in order to maximize our students' academic growth. We also provide whole-child wellness services tailored to each student's needs, including physical and mental health screenings, counseling services, dental cleanings, eyeglasses, clothing and hygiene products, and supplemental food.

Special Education Services

La Salle Middle School provides special education services for those students who may require additional help in school. Special education services are available to all eligible children from birth through high school, in both public and private settings, including children who are highly mobile, homeless, or wards of the state. Early detection is the key to helping your child get off to a good start. Getting help today prepares your child for future success.

Does my child do the same things other children his or her age do? Some children need help walking, talking, seeing, hearing, or listening. If you feel your child needs help, contact our SPED Coordinator, Ted Ahrens tahrens@lasallemiddleschool.org  or 314-531-9820, ext. 1009.

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