Several dedicated community partners enable us to provide an exceptional educational experience to students and their families who would likely not otherwise receive it. The investments of these partners are deeply appreciated. They provide us with programming, services, and material resources that make a key difference in the lives of our students.


The University of Missouri-Columbia serves as the charter school sponsor for La Salle Middle School. Charter school sponsorship is one of the many college efforts to support quality education to all children in Missouri's schools, whether public, private or parochial. The College of Education at Mizzou sponsors two charters in Kansas City and four in St. Louis. The schools sponsored vary from individual elementary schools to those with multiple campuses, enrolling nearly 6,000 students in 12 buildings.

As a charter school sponsor, Mizzou is charged by the state with three tasks:

  1. Evaluate and approve charter school applications.
  2. Monitor school compliance with state and federal regulations and meeting charter goals.
  3. Renew or revoke school charters based on performance.

The office monitors schools through a variety of activities to ensure an understanding of operations beyond what is evident in reports and school data. Mizzou provides technical assistance and connections to resources.

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De La Salle, Inc.

La Salle Middle School and De La Salle, Inc. operate as two independent nonprofit organizations that partner with each other, along with our students, our graduates and their families through middle school, high school, and post-secondary completion. We provide ongoing academic, social/emotional, and financial support for ten to twelve years, and our students work towards achieving their personal goals of graduating from college or completing a certificate program.

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Service & Resource Partners

Healthy Kids Express (St. Louis Children's Hospital)

Little Bit Foundation

Boys' & Girls' Club of Greater St. Louis

Missouri Charter Public School Association (MCPSA)

Eye Care Charity of Mid-America

Saint Louis University

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