Our History

A group of caring educators founded De La Salle as a private Catholic middle school in the Ville neighborhood of North St. Louis in 2001 that would transform lives and the community. With a great deal of zeal, love, and mutual respect, students, families, teachers, staff, donors, and friends worked together to prepare middle school students for academic success in high school and beyond. They were inspired by St. John Baptist de La Salle, a French priest and educational reformer who believed that education gave hope and opportunity for people to lead lives of dignity and freedom.

In 2015, De La Salle became a public charter school, La Salle Middle School, in order to serve more children in North St. Louis. La Salle Middle School serves 130 middle school students and is committed to transforming children and our community through innovative education. We work hard to educate the whole child. Students at La Salle are pushed to achieve academic excellence, nurture caring relationships, understand the need for service in the community and are shown the importance of respect for all.

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