La Salle Middle School utilizes a two-part instructional model:

  • Grade level curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards or Missouri Learning Standards in core courses
  • Individualized daily intervention blocks designed to close literary and numeracy gaps

Through Responsive Classroom practices, La Salle Middle School also teaches its students daily that who they learn with is just as important as what they learn. It's the foundation of our learning community. Students, families, teachers, and staff share a sense of ownership and connection at La Salle Middle School. Daily school-wide morning meetings, advisory time, and use of common language for expectations and rules are maintained practices at La Salle Middle School. They guide and support our learning community.

Students at La Salle are also engaged in core support classes based on formative and summative assessments. We offer support reading, ELA, and math. Core support classes are both topic-specific as well as focused on re-teaching and support.

Students at La Salle take the following classes:

  • Advisory
  • ELA
  • Math
  • Science
  • Enrichment - Fine Art, Practical Art, and/or Movement
  • Social Studies
  • Core Support - Intervention

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