Agendas, Minutes & Financials

Board of Directors Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes 

All regular meetings of the La Salle Charter School Board of Directors is open to the public. The Board regularly meets on the fourth Wednesday evening of most months. All meeting dates are on the School's website.  

Agendas are posted both in the School building and on the website the week prior to the meeting. Approved Board minutes are also posted on the website.

Addressing the Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors has established an Open Comment period during Board meetings.  During open comments, any member of the school community may make a statement or address the Board of Directors concerning issues pertaining to La Salle Charter School.  The Open Comment period is limited to 15 minutes.  In order to provide an opportunity for all community members to make a statement to the Board, Open Comment Cards can be accessed on the website or at the beginning of the Board meeting. On the Card, community members should identify the subject matter that they will address as well as a summary of the topic they will address.  Cards must be completed and submitted prior to the start of the Open Comment agenda item.  No cards will be received after Open Comments agenda items begin.   

The Board of Directors may seek additional information or clarification from the person addressing the Board.  At the Board's discretion, the Board will either respond immediately to an issue raised in a statement or provide a written response within a reasonable time period.  The general practice, however, will be to respond to the concern at a later time.  If a written response is provided, it will be made available to the public in either full text or summarized form upon request.  

Closed Meetings

The Board of Directors may meet in closed session to discuss those items as designated by law.  

2021-2022 School Year

Agendas Minutes
July 16, 2021 Special Meeting July Minutes (special meeting)
July 28, 2020 July Minutes
August 25, 2021 August Minutes
Sept 22, 2021 September Minutes
October 27, 2021 October Minutes
November 17, 2021 November Minutes
December 15, 2021 December Minutes
January 26, 2022 January Minutes
February 23, 2022 February Minutes
March 16, 2022 March Minutes
April 27, 2022 April Minutes
May 25, 2022 May Minutes
June 22, 2022  
June 30, 2022 (special meeting)  

The minutes from meetings of the Board of Directors are made publicly available to ensure transparency.