La Salle Middle School

Educating Children and Transforming Communities


Formerly De La Salle Middle School, La Salle is a public charter school located in North St. Louis. Rooted in the Lasallian tradition of making a quality education accessible to all, La Salle is committed to transforming children and our community through innovative education.


We nurture loving relationships which build whole-person wellbeing.


Empowerment, accessibility, every voice matters, active engagement.


We open doors to our neighbors so all feel welcome.


We are called to ask “how can I help”?


We see unfairness. We take responsibility to fix it.


We feel unabashed enthusiasm for life, love and learning.

I Am Somebody

Anytime our community needs to be called to order, La Salle students and staff proudly declare “I Am Somebody.” This simple phrase is the backbone of the La Salle’s beliefs – that every person has dignity, worth and value.

It is both our motto and a way to constantly remind our students and staff that we are valuable members of our community.

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Academic Excellence

La Salle offers many benefits to help our students succeed, including extended school days and small class sizes with a student to teacher ratio of 13:1.

The opportunities available at La Salle combine to create a community where 98% of our alumni have successfully graduated high school.

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EnCompass Program

Outside the classroom, students can participate in the optimal EnCompass program, an enrichment program that includes classes such as dance, speech and swimming.

Students who participate in the EnCompass program are also offered many college preparatory opportunities including financial aid, tutoring, and counseling.

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